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Welcome Back our offical Facebook and Instagram Account

💫We are back!🌸

Dear Twinkle Family💜

We have been facing the unfortunate events regarding our official social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram over the past week, a fake account has impersonated our accounts mimicking and promoting our giveaways. Due to this, our official accounts have been suspended.
💫After we appealed and reported, the fake account has been removed, and we are back to normal:)😍

Regarding to the Giveaway event on Instagram, we are excited to announce that we will continue the event and the entry will be extended to *Fri 17 September 2021. Please refer to the post for more details.
We are grateful to all our supporters who have notified us of the suspicious account. We promise to provide more unique and adorable products, whilst always maintaining high quality service for our loyal members.
Twinkle Glory Team