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Official Announcement from Twinkle Glory


Dear valued customers,

We are sorry to inform you of the unfortunate events regarding our official social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram. Over the past couple of days, a fake account has impersonated our accounts mimicking and promoting our giveaways. Due to this, our official accounts are currently on a temporary suspension, and we are looking to have it restored in the coming weeks.

We want to ensure our customers, Twinkle Glory’s OFFICIAL ACCOUNT on Instagram is @twinkleglory_au and Facebook Page is @Twinkle Glory. The current fake account we have been notified of is @twinkleglory_aus. We would never create any new accounts for giveaway events as this event is solely for Twinkle Glory's loyal followers.

Due to this situation, the giveaway will be currently paused and postponed once our accounts are active.

Please refrain from any communication with these fake accounts, as we are unsure of their intent. Beware of any suspicious activities or accounts that request personal information. We have reported this issue to Instagram head office and are awaiting a response.

Please report and block this user if they requested to follow OR contact you in any way.

We are grateful to all our supporters who have notified us of the suspicious account. We promise to provide more unique and adorable products, whilst always maintaining high quality service for our loyal members.

As our Facebook and Instagram platforms are temporarily inactive, if you have any further questions or assistance. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at


“Twinkle Glory PTY LTD” owns all legal rights and trademarks of Twinkle Glory and all associated domains (website, and social media).


Happy Shopping,

Twinkle Glory Team