Twinkle Glory

Cactus Electric Mosquito Killer



  • Inhalation:The principle of inhalation and anti-mosquito uses the mosquito's photo-taxis of UV light to induce it to enter the effective range of the mosquito-killing lamp, and the airflow generated by the fan is sucked into the mosquito storage box.
  • 360 Degree open air duct design: 360 Degree UV Violet Light Mosquito + 360 Degree open air duct design increases air suction and coverage, making mosquito killing more efficient.
  • Purple light mosquito: The use of mosquitoes for photo-taxis of ultraviolet light does not use volatile agents. Dark light reduces visual disturbances and is convenient for nighttime use.
  • Smokeless, odorless, dust free: No fumes, dust and irritating odors are produced during work, reducing the likelihood of respiratory discomfort.
  • USB powered:The mosquito killer is powered by the Micro USB interface and is compatible with most mobile phone chargers and charging treasures.
  • One-button manipulation: The whole machine has only one switch button located at the top of the fuselage, and the metal lacquer finish and feel after being polished by a multi-layer process.
  • Removable mosquito storage box: Removable storage box for easy removal and easy cleaning. Designed to be washable and easy to dry, reducing bacterial growth.
  • Mosquito design: Isolation of air ducts and mosquito storage boxes reduces the escape of undead mosquitoes. The circulation pattern design does not affect the wind.

Product Information:

  • Product specification: USB power supply
  • Product category: Photo-catalyst mosquito killer
  • Model: USB mosquito killer
  • Applicable area: less than 20 square meters
  • Product volume: 120*120*150 mm