Twinkle Glory

Cutie Creativity Power Gel Pen 0.5mm



  • Soft and comfortable, not only good-looking but also decompressive

  • Slow rebound sponge, rebound back to its original shape after pressing, rebound slowly in about 4 seconds

  • 0.5mm full syringe gel pen

  • Pull-out pen cap, easy to use

  • 400m writing length, black refill, the standard for daily writing, smooth writing, no ink bleeding

  • Removable design: can replace ordinary refills

Product Information:

  • Pen body length: 176mm

  • Material: memory sponge + plastic

  • Writing length: 400m

  • Product weight: 22.7g

  • Refill length: 131mm

  • Refill can be replaced

  • Nib: 0.5mm full needle tube

  • Refill colour: black

  • Rebound speed: about 4 seconds