Twinkle Glory

Double & Zero Double Tightening Piggy Girl 3-Step Nose Pack 1 pc



  • Easy personal care for the nose pore without skin stimulation with 3 step sheets.
  • Smooth nose like a baby piggy's nose by melting the sebum and Powerful peel off 3 step pack.

  • Key ingredients effectively remove excess sebum, cleans deep inside the pores, removes blackheads and tightens pores.

  • Made in Korea

How to use:

  1. Apply Step 1 to nose for 15 minutes to dissolve dead skin cells and soften sebum.
  2. Step 2, wet nose, then use dry hands to remove clear film and apply sheet to the nose.
  3. Wait 10-15 minutes until completely dry, then remove gently, starting to form the edges.
  4. Step 3, remove the white film and place onto nose for 5-10 minutes.
  5. Remove and smooth over the skin before continuing with your skincare routine.