Twinkle Glory

Kracie Hadabisei 3D Face Mask 4 Sheets



  • 3D face masks that perfectly fit the contours of the face! Contains a rich and restorative formula essential for the deep moisturizing effect

  • Reliable skin brightening1 for instantly bright and well-moisturized skin

  • Hadabisei skin conditioning formula includes: apple extract, coix seed extract, pearl extract2, and peony extract

  • Contains CHD3 to enhance absorption of moisture into the skin

  • Contains high-grade vitamin C derivative to actively brighten the complexion

  • Hypoallergenic4


1: Inhibits melanin production and prevents skin discolouration and freckles

2: Hydrolysed conchiolin liquid

3: Bis-ethoxydiglycol cyclohexane di carboxylate

4: May still trigger allergies in some people, always patch test products before use


  1. Cleanse and tone skin.
  2. Remove mask from the package and unfold.
  3. Place the mask on face aligning the mouth and eye areas.
  4. Smooth mask to achieve proper adhesion, the mask should sit flat against the face.
  5. Leave the mask on for 5 - 15 minutes (20 minutes for dry skin).
  6. Remove mask and gently massage remaining essence into skin.

Product Information:

  • Made in Japan
  • No added colouring or fragrances
  • Capacity: 4 sheets / box