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Twinkle Glory

LuLuLun ONE Night Facial Sheet Mask 1 PC



  • From one of the best selling beauty brands in Japan, LuLuLun's ONE Night Facial Sheet Masks will rescue your skin the night before your special day
  • Gently rejuvenate your skin before bed and wake up to supple and moist skin the next morning
  • Recharge your skin with vitamins and moisture with LuLuLun's ONE Night Vitamins Facial Sheet Mask
  • Deeply hydrates your skin and improve the skin environment with LuLuLun's ONE Night Skin Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask


  1. Thoroughly cleanse and dry the face.
  2. Remove mask from the bag and unfold.
  3. Apply to clean skin aligning the holes to the eye and mouth areas. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes.
  4. Remove and discard the mask and gently massage the skin to absorb remaining essence.
  5. Apply cream.
  6. Good night and wake up with great skin tomorrow.

Product Information:

  • Made in Japan
  • Available in: Vitamins / Skin Hydrating types
  • This product is non-returnable.