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Twinkle Glory

Multifunctional Foldable Stool


Product Features:

  • Multi-purpose and easy to fold, bring along anywhere, makes life convenient

  • Made by PP material, stable and reliable. Good load-bearing capacity, even for an adult's weight

  • Stool curved design, comfortable sitting posture

  • Handle design more convenient to carry

  • It is not only a normal stool, it can be easily turn into a folder, very convenient to carry

  • It is also a storage bag, easily store fruits, documents, etc.

  • Thinner than a phone, easy to carry around without taking up space

Direction (see picture):

  1. Take out the folded stool

  2. Hold the handle with both hands and pull out.

  3. Hold one side with one hand and press the other hand to the middle

  4. It can be used normally after opening

Product Information:

  • Size: 29.5cm X 18.5cm (see picture)

  • Material: PP material


  • White spots will appear when the stool surface is folded and squeezed, which is normal

  • The arc design at the foot of the stool is slightly unstable and does not affect normal use