Twinkle Glory

Angel Wing USB Mini Portable Hanging Neckband Fan



  • Soft silicone lanyard, comfortable and safe, easy to wear, beautiful and compact, no burden
  • Although the volume is small, the wind force is not small, to solve the sweat-prone parts
  • USB rechargeable cycle use, polymer battery, can be used for 5 hours once full
  • Precision brushless motor, faster speed, lower power consumption
  • Precision thin leaves, more concentrated wind and less noise
  • Suitable for outdoor, travel, home, office, etc.

Product Information:

  • Product Name: Hanging Neck Fan
  • Color: White, Pink, Blue
  • Weight: 120G
  • Size: 65X65X47mm
  • Input Voltage: 5V-1A
  • Battery Capacity: 900mAh
  • Wind Speed Gear: 3 Gears
  • Package Included:1 X Fan, 1 X USB Charging Cable, 1 X Lanyard, 1 X Manual