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Twinkle Glory

Pink Cat Rechargeable Clothes Pilling Trimmer



  • Clothing care as old as new
  • Pick up and use, built-in battery, no need to plug in to use
  • Built-in 500 mAh polymer battery, can be used continuously for 50 minutes
  • Easy to get all kinds of clothing hair balls
  • 8W high power, high efficiency, high-speed operation of the suction device, quickly suck the hair ball to the chip storage box
  • Tough protection shield, honeycomb stainless steel mesh cover, no damage to clothing
  • The finely ground mesh cover closely fits the clothes, which can not only catch the hair balls on a large area, but also effectively protect the clothes, avoiding the deformation of the force blade and scratching the clothes
  • Large-capacity crumb storage box, turn clockwise, open the crumb storage box, and pour out the debris.
  • Safety protection, power off immediately after opening the net cover
  • The protective switch button, when opening the net cover for cleaning, the blade immediately stops operating and needs to cover the net cover to start it to avoid accidental injury.

Product Information:

  • Stainless steel mesh cover
  • USB charging
  • Double protection device
  • 8W high power